Poppy - Relaxed elegance
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Poppy - Relaxed elegance

Our latest addition to our shirt arsenal is the perfect fusion between relaxed and elegance. Meet: Poppy.

Although spring seems to be miles away with the Beast from the East hoovering at us in Sweden it's actually here when you look at the calender. We have this famous children song where one sentence sends this message: "don't think the summer comes unless someone starts working on it". We've taken those famous words to us and got working to try to beat the Beast from the East and welcome spring anyway. Step one: introducing Poppy. And doing so by talking to the man behind it, our Creative Director Johan Salomonsson, and why Poppy just might be your new favorite shirt.

Popover shirt SIR of Sweden
Johan MrSalomonsson Salomonsson in our green Poppy.

What is Poppy?

"Poppy is our very own popover shirt in a fantastic soft and cozy cotton quality. Ever since it landed at our feet from the factories I've been wearing it. Both to my suits and my comfy shorts at home. That's a soft it is. I've probably wasted three Poppys by now by forgetting that I'm wearing it and all of a sudden a quarter of the Ragu I'm making is all over it."

What was the inspiration to Poppy? What did you want to create?

"The popover shirt itself is nothing new, a lot of brands are doing it. But we wanted to make the perfect combination between relaxed and elegant. Instead of doing it in a pique weave we wanted a shirt that actually can be worn all year round and is so soft that you probably want to wear it all year round. When we had to right softness, the trouble was to create a collar that was sturdy enough. We didn't want it to be all floppy and soft, we wanted it to have character and be able to stand on it's own sort of speak."

Popover shirt white
King Magazine's Philip Conradsson wearing the white Poppy perfectly together with his MTM-suit made through us.

When should or could you wear Poppy?

”Every day basically. Thanks to the softness of the fabric you're really gonna want to wear it every single day. It works equally well with a suit as it does with a pair of trousers. For example I've probably worn it on every flight since I got it and I wouldn't even trade it for a t-shirt. Because with the Poppy I can fly comfortably and stylish with a suit."

How should one wear and match the Poppy? What's the do's and don'ts?

"The tie should be left at home and also your business suit, like the navy pinstripe. Or that might just work? I'll have to try that first. But you can leave the tie hanging and just wear the shirt. Once spring and summer finally hits just let the collar pop over the blazer for a truly casual and perfect summer look."

Popover shirt navy
Our navy Poppy styled relaxed with our Alex Light Grey Trousers which comes with a slightly higer waist. Relaxed elegance.

Is Poppy perhaps this seasons most comfortable and stylish shirt?

”Pounding your chest to hard is never a good look but it's definitely up there. You won't be seeing my without it for many days that's for sure. Except for when I have to do the pitch for our economics department to produce more Poppys. Those meetings always demand full business suit with tie but the Poppy will be close at hand once the meeting is over and it's bar o'clock."