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Holiday Guide

The party season includes holidays, time off and a whole lot of festivities. Here's how to dress accordingly, mostly for new years eve, the last and biggest party of the year.

Av Johan Salomonsson | Guides | 2017-12-12

The time is here to really get yourself in to the party spirit. Nothing does that quiet like a tuxedo and there's probably no piece of clothing that gives you that "million buck"-feeling. For some the investment of buying a tuxedo could seem quiet unnecessary with the argument that you'll only be wearing once a year. Although could be true for some, we're encouraing you to do the investment. Once you have, you'll see yourself putting it on more often than you can think. Invest, do some fine tuning adjustments to make it fit just perfect and you don't have to think any longer on what to wear for the last and biggest party of the year, and for the rest of the year for that matter.

Dressed up

Smoking for men

Go for a classic look, that way you're never wrong. White crisp shirt and a black bowtie in silk or perhaps velvet is the way to go. We always recommend the bowtie in which you tie it yourself. A pre-tied bowtie is dull. A self tied one gives you and the rest of your outfit an extra personal touch and elegans. If you're not sure how to tie it the internet provides you with a dozen how-to-videos. Just be sure to be in a calm mood when you're about to learn, preferably with good old gin tonic alongside you. We've learned that few things in life is as demanding as trying to learn how to tie a bowtie. The gin and tonic helps calm your nerves. And be sure not to do it for the first time when you're actually planning on wearing it. Give it a few tries before the actually party. Trust is, it's worth it.


Smoking and rollneck

Perhaps you like the tuxedo and would like to wear one, the problem is you're just not going to a party where the others will be wearing something similiar. Although we encourage everyone that wants to over dress at events or parties it's sometimes nice to blend in a little bit more and not look like the peacock of the party. Go with the tuxedo but switch the shirt and bowtie for a black rollneck. It gives you a sophisticated yet well-dressed look that will probably make you the best dressed man at the party anyway.